Michael Frasinelli: Audio Engineer / Executive Producer

Michael has been participating in audio engineering and production since the age of 14, due to necessity to record the crappy junior high bands we were all a part of at one time (admit it). He quickly replaced his passion for performance and songwriting with a near obsession for microphones, signal processors, and recording techniques, and began pursuing audio and production professionally at the age of 16 while living in Pittsburgh. During his time in Pittsburgh, he mainly concentrated on Hip Hop and RnB due to that making up the vast majority of the Pittsburgh music scene, and spent time whenever possible at the highly acclaimed ID Labs. Michael ultimately moved to Nashville to escape the monotony of limited genre engineering and production. Since moving to Nashville, Michael has recorded every instrument from your basic band set ups, to cello, harp, lap steel, and horns/brass. Projects he has been a part of have been featured on WMC 88.1 in College Park Maryland and World Christian Radio, as well as the Writer’s Bloc, NewNextNow (a division of MTV), an interview with Jacob Elyachar (a Columnist for The Examiner), Grab Magazine, Brightest Young Things, amongst other outlets, and the list continues to grow. He is adept in tracking, mixing, mastering, and production. In addition to the creation and refinement of music, Michael is also a Features Writer and Review for Audio Producer News, with 4 articles published thus far, and a scheduled premier date for the magazine at the end of April. Michael is often called on by other producers to develop and engineer their project’s vocals and/or guitar tracks, as well as mastering his peers finished mixes to add that last bit of polish to their songs. He lives and breathes audio and is happy to share his passion with artists in a wide variety of genres including Indie Rock, Pop, Country, Bluegrass, Blues, RnB, Hip Hop, and just about anything else.