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Looptrotter Monster Compressor
Advanced Audio Microphones CM251 Microphone

Top Shelf Music Group is a professional project studio based in Nashville, TN, offering no compromise recording, mixing, mastering, and production across all genres. A wide array of talented studio musicians are able to be contracted through the studio, including musicians who have played for everyone from Alison Krause to Dolly to Beyonce. An extensive selection of analog gear and microphones is available for use, in addition to the latest and greatest software and digital devices. Everything from 1950s tube gear and a mastering tape deck from 1984 are included in the gear selection, up to the most recent mastering suites and plugins. If you are looking for a particular piece of equipment that you do not see on my GEAR LIST, Slack Key Studio is kind enough to offer their massive variety of gear, including 100+ microphones and 50+ instruments to be used during projects. Great pride is taken in combining the old with the new to fully take advantage of the best both has to offer. The idea that an album, EP, or single should capture the emotion and energy of the artists' vision, while being a fun and collaborative process is taken to heart. The aim is always to create the best version of your music or content. 

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